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In the face of the difficult situation of COVID-19 prevention and control, which has deeply concerned the whole nation since its outbreak, medical workers of the affiliated hospitals of Capital Medical University firmly held their positions and promptly responded to the call of the country to quickly establish and dispatch medical teams to the front line of the fight against the pandemic.

Xuanwu Hospital

On the afternoon of January 27, 2020, Xuanwu Hospital Capital Medical University, after receiving the notice from the Beijing Hospitals Authority, made a quick response and issued a call-up. A medical team of 12 members quickly assembled at the hospital in 20 minutes. 70% of them are members of Communist Party of China. Some of them signed up without telling their parents; one of them had a birthday on that day; some were on shift and didn’t even have time to go home and fetch some clothes. “We should play an exemplary role of being Party members. We have the confidence and capability to win this battle and complete the tasks assigned to us by the Party, the government and the hospital.” Said Li Yan, secretary of the provisional CPC branch of the team.

Beijing Tiantan Hospital

On the afternoon of January 27, 12 medical and nursing personnel from the Affiliated Beijing Tiantan Hospital rushed to Wuhan as members of the Beijing Medical Team. Their specialties were emergency medicine, critical care medicine, respiratory medicine, infection, hospital infection and so on. It was reported that almost all qualified medical staff in the hospital signed up, and these people were “the best of the best” and “the cream of the crop”. After arriving in Wuhan, the medical team will be responsible for the treatment of critically ill patients, as needed by the epidemic prevention and control.

Beijing Friendship Hospital

On January 26, after receiving the notice from the Beijing Hospitals Authority, the Affiliated Beijing Friendship Hospital immediately assembled the first team of medical staff, who arrived in Wuhan at 22 p.m. on January 27. 13 medical staff from the Departments of Respiratory Medicine, Infectious Diseases, Emergency Medicine and Critical Care Medicine joined other medical teams from municipal hospitals in Beijing to support the battle against COVID-19 in Wuhan. Previously, the CPC committee of the hospital had selected pillars of the medical personnel from relevant departments to form four tiers of emergency support medical teams, who would stand ready to join the battle against the pandemic at any time.

Beijing Chaoyang Hospital

On the afternoon of January 27, two medical teams consisting of 14 medical personnel from the Affiliated Beijing Chaoyang Hospital, one for the critically ill cases and the other for the mild and moderate cases, set out for Hubei from Beijing Capital International Airport to reinforce the fight against COVID-19. The medical teams include 5 doctors and 9 nurses from the Dept. of Pulmonary and Critical Care medicine, Dept. of Infection and Microbiology, Dept. of Emergency Medicine, Cardiology Dept. and Dept. of Rheumatic Immunology. All of them are pillars of their department and have rich experience. This time, they are shouldering heavy responsibilities.

Beijing Tongren Hospital

Twelve medical workers from the Affiliated Beijing Tongren Hospital joined the medical team to serve in Hubei Province. They were from the Dept. of Respiratory Medicine, Dept. of Critical Care Medicine, Dept. of Emergency Medicine and Division of Infection Management and Disease Prevention and Control. Eight of them were CPC members, and a provisional CPC branch was established. In recent days, the epidemic has deeply concerned everyone. In each wechat group of the hospital, the voice of volunteering came one after another. “I have experience in fighting against SARS, so I’ll sign up.” “I’m duty bound and ready to sign up.” They gave up their long-awaited reunions and holidays, and devoted themselves to the front line of epidemic prevention and control.

[Source: Publicity Department of the Party Committee of Capital Medical University]